Revolution Slider error

Hi. Maybe anyone had the same problem??

When I try to export revolution slider and try to import this slider to another my website I get error

importing slider settings and data…
Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!

Although it exists and I installed the newest version. Any ideas??? Don’t suggest send message to support, already did, maybe someone fixed this problem or know how to fix??

Thank you!!!


Check this comment:

and this one solution:

or this one

Google throws lots of fixes to your issue. Just use it :smile:

Hi. Thanks ) sure I tried every solution from google :slight_smile: unfortunately still error :frowning:

Hmmm. Could it be the permission issue on the server?

Also changes permission to 777…still :frowning:

Start with permissions but are both sites using the same version of the slider?

Do you mean permission on the server? Checked both 777, and both have the same version

I mean the permissions on the folders but separately that both sites are running the same version of Rev Slider

Can you please tell me about about what do you mean. Maybe I understood not right. Permission to revslider in folder “plugins” via ftp or some permissions on my computer?

Just read your last post earlier and you already did this by using 777 permission.

If you are sure that both sites use the same version of rev slider then best bet is to contact the author as without seeing the site and files in more detail it’s hard to advise

in any case, thanks! I appreciate your help.

Anybody else? Please?
No one didn’t have deal with this error?

Hi everyone,

Im running into the same problem.
Error: slider_export.txt does not exist!
When im trying to import the file

Any help would be awesome