Reviewer reviews my old version of the plugin. Does the reviewer face a cache issue?

I uploaded a new plugin. My plugin has been soft rejected.

But the problem is, when I fix everything, I upload the new version again for review. Reviewer is not getting my new version of the plugin. He keeps getting the old version of the plugin and telling me to edit. But every time I uploaded a new version.

My question is why they are not getting it??

Now they are telling me last time to update and upload, or the account may be suspended.

But I am updating and submitting again and again :(.

Why Codecanyon can’t find my updated version plugin?

Hi @wpqode,

Make sure you have made all required changes for the main zip (plugin & documentation) and also installable WordPress file zip (if provided).

Also you have to fix all issues the reviewer mentioned earlier in all replies.


Hi, @mgscoder

All issues are fixed now. But the problem is reviewer raises same issue again and again. Maybe the reviewer is stuck in a browser cache or something like that :no_mouth: I don’t know :relieved:
Here is the screenshot reviewer gave → Screen Shot on 2022-04-26 at 10-21-57.png - Droplr and says make the version initial.
And here is the screenshot I fix the version → Screenshot by Lightshot
And uploaded the final project 1 hour ago → Screenshot by Lightshot
Also, I upload this project in Google drive and gave the link to the reviewer. I am so confused that the reviewer doesn’t even read my review note at all !!

Now the reviewer gave me last worning!!
What should I do now??

Few questions:

  1. is it (post block) is a WordPress plugin or what?
  2. what included in
  3. In what field have you used to include the is it under: Main File(s)?
  4. have you changed the plugin version everywhere the version has mentioned?


  1. Post Block is a WordPress plugin.
  2. The plugin folder and files included in
  3. Under Main File(s) & Optional WordPress Plugin both.
  4. Yes I changed the plugin version everywhere the version has mentioned.

You did wrong. you should:
Main File(s):
ZIP - All files for buyers (include 2 folders: your plugin zip ( folder + Documentation folder in a folder named matching with your item title then make a zip of the folder) and upload this main zip

Optional WordPress Plugin:
Should only installable WordPress Plugin. It is optional and you can ignore/omit/don’t provide.

You can check this presentation how to upload item in codecanyon:

Also you must need to fix all previous issues mentioned by the reviewer.

Hope will help.


Without documentation, I did wrong?
You don’t get the point.
First of all, this is the third time I resubmit the plugin. And there is nowhere mention about the documentation to required.

The probliem is, reviewer doesn’t get my last edited file. Reviewer raises same issue again and again. Could you help me to contact with my reviewer?

Reviewer not only focusing the version but also all previously mentioned issues. You should take care all of those.

If you think you have done all asked by the reviewer then in the Comments for the reviewer field wrote in details what you have done. If you have any specific query you can ask there.

There is no way to contact directly to the reviewer but you can request help to envato author support.