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Hello all envato comunity and dear reviewers.
I made submission for my last html item and reviewers gave me feedback to fix and I fix it all. Resubmission becomes infinite loop. Im very upset even I ask screenshot of issue I got same rejection message


I think Im human I can make mistakes and missed something but I check all demo there is no issue anymore. If there is I can fix it easily IF REVIEWERS SEND SCREENSHOT.

I hope some of reviewers see this message and help me out about this dead end.

Thanks with all respect

Here is the item url :


I am on phone and I think there is to much space here (you have that on several places)

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Dear Coco,
This spacings 150px top and bottom for section paddings. It is not a issue.

Sorry but is an issue.
Padding between sections, addons, in blog padding, margin, all this are issues.

The ex in my case with the same msg i changed in blog content design, sidebar design, fix padding,

I didn’t check your theme because i’m from mobile.

Good luck

That padding is ok for big screens, but on small devices that is too much. You need to reduce that on smaller resolutions. Also, I saw your other topic for the other template and the answer is the same - you also have there to much padding on small resolutions.

OMG. Desktop section spacings and mobile should be different ? Reviewer try to say this ? I did not know this before. This situation happens to you before ?

Yes. Always when I get


I first check that.

Take a look here:

Scroll down until:


And you will see there is to much white space:

And you have same situation on other pages also. That is what I see and what I would fix.

dear coco
you are amazing man I was gettin crazy what is problem. Desktop and tablet section top bottom 150px for mobile 80px is enough right ? what do you say ?

Also can you look for this
Reviewer says spacing and responsive. I made spacing reducement for mobile but I coudlnt see any responsive issue. Could you take a look please ?

thanks for support.
I was ready to lose my mind about that.


yeah coco you are 100% right. I see that in your meelo theme 135px desktop 70px for mobile. Im an author 4 years I did not know this before.

Thanks more 1 time to teach me 1 more lesson.