Review Time on Themeforest

We have submitted our WordPress Theme on Themeforest 1 Month ago.
There’s no response yet. Does it normal?


what is the current review time on Themeforest for new item.

Says 34 days on here, so you’ve probably got a bit longer to go…

Thanks SpaceStockFootage :slight_smile:

No, it is not normal. Year back when I decided to join here as an author full time, it was only 7-10 days which means even if my first theme idea didn’t do well, I always had a chance to try my luck with a new idea on next upload as the review times were so fast.

But, this is not the case presently, they take it 2 months just for the first review, followed by next couple of days on soft rejection. Now, think if your theme doesn’t do that much well as you expected, then you are screwed. You have just lost 3 months for nothing. Have a backup business running as themeforest seems a more of risk investment right now.