Review My Figma Design

I want to upload on themeforest. Can it be approved?

With respect this is nowhere near ready for submission, and has numeorus issues with basic design fundamentals. Some (not all and just a few examples) issues include:

  • Typography throughout needs rethinking

  • FYI, using just 1 font in a design is not advisble and changing the font size and line height does not create hierarchy

  • Spacing and margins is inconsistent and poorly executed throughout

  • Not a proper logo

  • Navigation is very small and is missing several sections of the design

  • The sections are far too close in some cases and inconsistent between each

  • What’s up with the ‘About’ image? It’s overlapping the border and doesn’t fit

  • Copy and paste blog titles feels very lazy

  • Social icons are way too big

  • If you are including blogs then you need to have designed post page

Even if you correct these an other issues, then the biggest problem is that the concept is far too basic and unoriginal. There are hundreds of better designs available for free.



I will improve my skills and design

I don’t understand that concept is far too basic.

It’s just a one page design like the other many items in that style already available, plus there is nothing unique or premium in terms of the features or functionality that makes it stand out.

No one is going to pay for an item which is just design and no code, when there are many free (let alone premium) items already coded and available online.

Best practice design is one requirement for success here but items also need to compete in terms of commercial value.