Resubmitting an item after Rejection

Hello, Sir.I have submitted a template 15 days ago at Envato market. Unfortunately, my item has been rejecting.My question is can I submit that item again after modification or fixing issues of it.It’s my first time please tell me something. Thanks

It depends on the type of rejection if you got the generic message with no detailed feedback then you can only resubmit once you have made drastic or severe changes i.e. so it’s like an almost new item.

You can always share a demo link here to get feedback on the scale of work that would be needed.

It’s a quality message with saying you can’t resubmit it.
Can create it all from scratch or improving some of its parts will be fine.
Here is the demo for my item:

With respect you are nowhere near the standard with this and will be wasting your rime trying to get it approved.

You should familiarize yourself with the standards and design quality needed for here and start a fresh