RESOLVED > Free File Of The month giving "Page Not Found"

Hi Envato Staff,

I just checked and found that “Free File of the month” link of themeforest file is giving “Item No Longer Available” error.

Is this something test entry made by envato staff or a bug in system? I believe thr are many guys who wants to give thr theme for free including me :slight_smile:

Indeed , I was also wondering what’s happening with Envato ? First I’m checking my statement and seeing someone else’s sales and now someone’s messing with the frontpage (check the themeforest free item of the month) ?


Free Fail of the Month

I don’t see any Free File for Themeforest. Anything wrong ?

Hi Jthemes, that item was indeed a test entry that was accidentally included in the list. It has now been removed. Thanks for letting us know!


Still no free file of the month on themeforest?

@EKlvin It was resolved a few hours later. Here’s the item for September 2015, enjoy it while it lasts! :smile: