Free file of the month Feedback.

First off, i love the free files of the month. It is something that Envato does not have to do but chooses to do it anyway.

But I do have a complaint.

This month you have included a Magento Template that is basically useless. It has not been updated since Nov 2015 and does not work properly with the current version of Magento (It does not even work properly with the Magento version it says it is built for) There are complaints about the theme being broken going back months. No support whatsoever to paying customers and unanswered questions going back months.

Anyway, point of this thread is a little more research and thought should be put into what files are selected for free file of the month. It took me all of 5 minutes to see that this file was going to be useless and a major headache and time sink to anyone who tries to use it.

I have downloaded and installed the theme and confirmed what others have said in the comments, it is completely broken and should be removed from TF altogether. It is not even suitable for a playground/testing environment.