REQUEST - Can we make a sub category for item rejection?

The reason I am asking this is because was scrolling throught the Videohive category to see what’s new, to help out where I can…however…50% of all posts are “item rejected” stuff.

I think it would help the forums a lot if all these posts would be grouped up.

I think this is what the #item-feedback tag is mostly for. Or maybe I’m wrong?

Oh, I see what you’re saying though - you want them in a whole different category, to keep them hidden away for those uninterested. Maybe not a bad idea.

Exactly. I mean, I think they are just noise.

I understand authors that have items get rejected. I had items rejected as well. Both hard rejections and soft rejections. Some didn’t make any sense :slight_smile: and were frustrating.

But I think all this “crying” creates zero value for people scrolling through the forums.
Just look at the feed of recent threads started. 50% are “item rejection” related.

And I was completely honest when I said, I came to the forum to either get help or offer help.
And as far as rejected items go I think it’s repetitive spam…

OP: My item got rejected. Not fair.
USER1: Show us the item.
USER2: Make your next item better. Don’t get discouraged.

It’s the same conversation over and over and over again! :slight_smile:


The same situation with the «hooray, I’ve reached 777 sales» topics.
By the way, there are «Discussion of rejected projects» separated topic on the russian speaking forum. And it’s good decision, I think

Partially agree with you.

Full disclosure, I created a similar conversation like the one you mentioned, however I think it has a bit more context, 500 sales and making lvl 5 and was aiming for an AMA type of post.

And I think that type of content is a bit more useful, since it encourages people, boosts morale, shares insight…however the crying over “rejection” is just pointless.

So you believe people asking for help on a rejected item, something they are encouraged to do by reviewers when they get rejected - is them crying? Now you’re crying because you don’t like to see it? Come on now. I agree with the fact that item rejections should be in a separate category, but I don’t agree that it’s because it’s seen as crying over rejection and it’s pointless.

You mentioned a format that is an issue:

If this is your problem, the problem lies in the users giving crappy feedback and not the nature of the original thread. If you truly meant what you said

Then why not help solve this problem and offer insightful, in-depth feedback to help these authors and others who are watching. Be a part of the contribution giving value to these threads. Back when I was much more active on this forum - I’ve helped quite a bit of people get their items approved - so much so I’ve made friends and received quite a bit of thankful emails for doing so. I think that would be far more positive than creating a thread accusing them of crying and spamming, and I also think it’s much more valuable than creating a “I got 500 sales AMA!” thread.

Just my .02

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@ZeroLink I really don’t like your language. For someone who claims to help the community I really think you were disrespectful towards me.

My problem is mostly with HARD rejections.

How does anyone sharing their opinion help the item author since:

  1. the item was already hard rejected (no going back)
  2. the reason for rejection was clear.

It doesn’t get the item approved if me, you or another forum member like the item.
It has zero impact on it getting approved.

Having ~30% of all threads with the topic of item rejection is hardly useful in a community.

This thread where we have different opinions can make a change for the good. It might determine Envato to change the forums or not to change them.

But discussing a hard rejection has no impact.

Hope you see where I’m coming from.

My opinion is that “hard rejection” threads give far less value to the forum than any other type of thread, like this one, where we have contradicting opinions.

This is how progress is done. Debating ideas, analyzing contradicting ideas and trying to understand.

With all due respect it’s contradicting to make a thread accusing people of:

  • Crying over hard rejections
  • Spamming the forums
  • Creating pointless threads

then when someone approaches you with a similar tone, say “I really don’t like your language, I think you were disrespectful towards me”. By that logic, what you did in of itself was disrespectful. If you were to say you’re just trying to help by providing a valuable solution - look at my comment in the same perspective.

As for the hard rejection part:

It helps even with HARD rejections because

  • Often times there is going back. There have been plenty of times where authors revamped their items because of the feedback they received and the item was approved

  • It provides better clarity as to why the item was rejected, from multiple standpoints, pinpointing what possibly went wrong

  • Said feedback can further teach the authors what to do/not to do for future references, decreasing their rejection rates

The hard rejection is a very broad rejection letter. It doesn’t go into detail as to exactly why you were rejected, and even the reviewers would tell you they aren’t able to do so because the sheer volume of added work would slow down the queue… which is the reason why they encourage you to post in the item feedback section.

Again, this is all when it’s done right. Had your argument solely been about the way some authors provide feedback is pointless, I would’ve agreed. However, you blamed the authors who ask for help, and disrespected them while claiming you want to help wherever you can.

I’m well aware of how progress works, and every aspect of what you just described goes on in the item feedback category. If you feel otherwise, be that change and make it happen - don’t try to tuck it away because you don’t want to see it.

With all due respect you provide well written, yet idealistic arguments, not anchored in reality.

You are talking about “what should be” and “what could be” when referring to those posts, not about “what is”.

It’s like the iPhone X, a technological beauty, yet people use it for poop animojis. :slight_smile:

And my “rant”, my “crying” was a reaction and opening a debate towards solving “what is”.

And with 20 minutes of research you will find that:

  1. Most people don’t share the reason for rejection.
  2. A lot of feedback is generic.
  3. Even the relevant feedback can be summarized with 3-5 ideas (keep an eye on what’s trending yet don’t flood the market with the same type of item, your design/animation is too basic and needs work, don’t upload items that are Youtube tutorials, don’t create items using outdated designs)

So I think having a sticky post called “When asking for FEEBACK after Item Rejection” with some guidelines would help enormously:

  1. Try to understand the market first ((keep an eye on what’s trending yet don’t flood the market with the same type of item, your design/animation is too basic and needs work, don’t upload items that are Youtube tutorials, don’t create items using outdated designs)

  2. Share the rejection reason.

  3. Share the presentation and/or item.

  4. When giving feedback be specific, give examples.

  5. Even the best authors get hard rejects, keep at it.

And having something like this would reduce the amount of “rejection” posts and also increase their quality.

@ZeroLink I think you misunderstood my intention with this thread, my intentions were nothing but positive towards this community. If you were to focus more on the problem I wanted to fix/improve and less on proving me wrong maybe we could find solutions faster.

@audaciousleap, this is your answer:

Rejection feedback already has a sub-categorization under this tag. If you wish to mute a certain type of post or tag, such as #item-feedback, you can mute that tag from your forum view by typing it into the filter dropdown, and then activating the “mute” function. See screenshot:

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Problem solved

To give my final post in this thread:

You said my argument is not anchored in reality, and that I’m only talking about what should and could be - not what is. My entire premise is focused on what I’ve seen and continue to see since 2013. You can argue if the information is helpful or not, but that’s subjective… which is the very reason why I stated the problem lies in the way some users respond, and not the thread itself. So if you’re going to go after someone, go after the lazy criticism instead of the people “crying” and making “pointless” threads.

In response to your points, 20 minutes of research and I see:

  1. Most people share ideas on why they believe it was rejected
  2. Analyzing items and offering suggestions. If you believe these suggestions are generic, offer some non-generic suggestions
  3. Sure, but if we’re going to be fair - same can be said about your AMA thread, but that didn’t stop you from creating it. It can be summarized into a few ideas: Keep pushing even after rejections/never give up, create unique and interesting projects, listen to your audience. As a matter of fact, it can be placed in a sticky or some mega collective thread where other generic information can be shared.

But you are allowed to do so because you believe you provide valuable feedback no matter how subjective it is, just as others believe they provide valuable feedback when they give their opinions to try to help.

I don’t think I misunderstood your intentions, I believe that you believe you were coming from a positive place. I’m just trying to show you the contradictions in your posts.

Ultimately, the solution is what MotionRevolver said. Don’t like it? Mute it. All gone. If you weren’t so focused on making this a universal “problem”, you would’ve realized the “solution” was already there.

That was uncalled for. Regardless of debate, let’s keep this conversation respectful, gentlemen.


In all his comments on this thread he was condescending and arrogant.
He focused more on “proving me wrong” than on debating the issue.

Scanned his other forum interactions and found 2 more where he had the same attitude towards people.

It’s one thing to have a contradicting opinion, a different story to be rude towards other people.

I mean, you were helpful and offered a practical solution. Thank you for that.
I tried to be helpful as well, suggesting the “sticky thread” with the guidelines.

All he does is trying to prove me wrong with pseudo arguments.

In his last post he said you/your 18 times.
That is not debating the issue.
That is a toxic behavior and I called it what it is.

Once again, he has 2 more posts where he has a similar attitude towards other forum members.

@audaciousleap again, regardless of the debate, keep it respectful. Disagree all you want, but telling another community member they have a toxic personality may not be the most constructive approach.

removed the comment out of respect for you @MotionRevolver
however I still think his attitude is not appropriate for this forum.

he can preach all he wants but at the end of the day it’s clear from his language he is not debating the issue and his interest is not the idea, but “being right”.

Muted this post, don’t want to get into arguments with people that think they hold the absolute truth.

Condescending and arrogant huh… I argued your position and stated how contradicting it was. What’s arrogant and condescending is you believing your posts hold more merit and value than others. What’s rude is you wrapping up the item feedback section as people crying and spamming.

Ok, you got me. You called me out in the sales monitor thread as well saying I’m toxic because I questioned another guy who accused people of crying/whining - had to dig back 2 years for that one. I’m such a horrible person.

Let’s see. You wanted to make a sub category for item rejections because you believe the opinions being shared are generic/useless, and people are crying over rejections and it’s pointless. My argument was not only is it rude to categorize those people in that nature as you did, but the item feedback section offers much more than the picture you’re trying to paint. You accused me of offering could/would be’s - when I’ve also mentioned facts that not only goes on now, but has gone on further than your 20 minutes of research. Just because you disagree, doesn’t mean I’m not debating the issue.