Self-promotion on the forum

Feels like there’s been an explosion of self-promotion threads on the forum. It all comes of a bit spammy and between those threads and the rejection threads the forum feels like a complete mess to be honest.

Where do mods draw the line?

I get it, we’re all happy when we get a new item approved, or have reached a certain level of sales, but it seems a lot lately. Especially since we have dedicated threads for approvals and sales. I mean, otherwise we all can just start spamming the forum with new track threads if no one abides by the self promo rules.

It used to be a bit like this on the old forum as well. But it seem worse now. Maybe my memory is failing me. Maybe I’m just being a grumpy old man today. Haha.

I guess I wish the forum wasn’t so spammy.


I agree - too much “Last sold item” (with self promotional link to item) and too much “Last item approved” (with self promotional link to item). Come on people have some reserve.


lol @gballx
I don’t understand the “Last Item Approved” one.
But “Your Last Sold Track” thread could be useful to understand a little what is trending.

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I mean, I don’t mind the collective threads aka Last Approved and Last Sold. That’s two threads. Since it’s an output for all authors. It’s the rest. The countless of spammy threads “yay my new track got approved” or “woo 100 sales” and so on.

If everyone just stuck to those two threads the forum wouldn’t be filled with spam.


Us Brits love a bit of spam and corned beef…lovely.

I don’t think that already approved items should go anywhere but ‘Last Approved’ and ‘Last Sold’ threads.

Posting about rejected items I had no problem with because it also helped me to up my skills… but with all the rejections of good tracks lately, it’s getting hard to say much other than: “Noone really knows what’s going on in the mind of the reviewers”.

Celebrations… well there is a tag specifically for that so it’s hard to say don’t do it I guess? I know when I got my first accepted and made my first sale it was fun to post about it, wasn’t really so much for self-promo as it was just to be part of the community… i think that’s the case for most people here.

But I do agree that really it’s nothing more than celebrations and rejected tracks lately… combined with some straight up self-promo threads that should be mod removed or asked to move to the dedicated threads.

I’d love to see some more actual production talk and advice. I started a thread last week about reverb and I was blown away by some of the genuinely helpful advice and posts from some pretty great authors. I love that sort of stuff and I think it would be way more useful to everyone.


Haha. Is this thread turning into a Monty Python sketch?

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Yeeees. Too many self-promotion spam. Why people don’t follow the rulls? And why envato team dont delete all these spam messages?

Hard reject posts are ok because they serve a purpose; if it isn’t to much work for the moderators they could merge the separate “track accepted” posts and “what do you think of my latest approved track” posts to those two big threads.


Maybe I came of a bit hard on the rejection threads. It just seem like a constant flood of them and I get that it feels frustrating and you want somewhere to turn to ask for help.

Celebrations for me are big milestones like becoming elite. Not every 10, 20, 50 or 100 sales you do. Perhaps 1000 to 5000 sales? I don’t know. I guess it’s hard to draw the line. But when someone posts “yay I reached 100 sales” then post their 5 latest tracks in the first post. It just comes of as spam.

The truly helpful and creative threads is certainly something I would like to see more of. Although, I get that this isn’t really a music production forum, even though we are here to sell production music. Ha!

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I guess a separate sub forum would be good. Didn’t we used to have a forum for item feedback?

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Agreed… bit tired of the authors so desperate that they do anything for a few clicks and perhaps a sale.
Especially the “last sold item” and “last item approved”… away with them i say!


Yeah it’s tough to know what to do with the rejection threads… but I certainly don’t mind them as much as the other stuff.

Agreed, maybe some guidelines on celebrations… first track sold/approved, then first 1000 sales or something? There definitely is a spammy aspect to it… and really why bother spamming this board… we’re all here creating, not buying lol.

Yeah not a production forum, but we’re all obviously a bunch of production geeks, i’d rather talk about the latest cool plugins/techniques or whatever than listen to another rejected ‘corporate inspiration’ :slight_smile:

True. Perhaps we should remove it all?

To be honest I’ve been posting in the “last sold” and “last approved” threads. Don’t know why. But I have seen traffic from those threads to my items. If they convert to sales. That’s a whole other matter. I guess I need to reconsider this and not be part of the problem.

And I’d rather have no promo threads at all, than last approved/sold threads plus every other spammy thread.

Harder moderation wouldn’t hurt.

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Forum on AJ becomes similar to forum on Pond5 which is really,really bad
And some interesting topics just go down under “Last Item approved”, "Last Sold Item"
I won’t be surprised if there will be something like: “Your best Corporate track from your opinion”, “Your best sold Corporate”
“Most Epic track in your portfolio”, “The coolest Hybrid track” and so on…
Also there is too much of that…“Congrats!” thing :slight_smile: like “Hey! My last item was approved!” and there you’ll find 10-15 “Congrats” posts.
We all want get more views on items,but it’s getting out of control.

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I’m going to report this thread as spam.

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To be honest, everything ends up in one place even if it’s tagged. It doesn’t work like sub forums. If it would work like sub forums, we could have a feedback forum for rejected items.

Still won’t solve the whole spammy issue though.

Agreed! I think the problem lies in the layout of the forums. The tagging system doesn’t work well because you can’t filter out tags. Every time I visit I have to sort through all the “Track was Approved!” “Track was Rejected!” “Give me feedback!” “Hey I Made a Sale!” threads. Very little is discussion, most likely because people can’t find them!

This may be shocking to people, but few people actually care about your sales or approvals or denials. Also, not everyone wants to give you feedback. Sure those threads have their place, but they certainly should be self-contained.

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Hi guys.

As far as self-promotion goes, these are the rules we’re currently using (from this link):

A Note on Self-promotion
We want our authors and our customers to succeed on Envato, and we see the forums as being a key tool in helping them to do just that. To that end, we permit self promotion in a context where it is clearly providing value to both of these groups. Such contexts might include:

  • Topics in which Envato Staff are asking items to be nominated.
  • Topics in which forum members have expressed a desire for item recommendations.

Please note that the decision as to whether or not your self promotion is providing value and context appropriate is ultimately at the discretion of the Moderators and Envato Staff. If they feel your post or topic violates these guidelines, they reserve the right to remove it.

Currently, we’re fairly open to people sharing their sales milestones, but each marketplace tends to have different tolerances for that sort of thing. If it’s drowning out other discussion, we can look at changing our approach.

It’s worth noting that you can filter out specific tags, if you don’t want to see them. For example, this is the URL that shows all celebrations posts in Envato Authos > AudioJungle:

You can change the notification settings to Muted - that way, if you view the forums using the “Unread” filter (instead of the default “Latest” option), you won’t see anything that uses that tag.