Hello there ,

When I render Optical Flares in H.264 over a black background then the video quality is degraded by a lot . It would be great if you suggest on how to render it in h.264 good quality for making a preview video 960*540

step 1:
add black background below optical flares layer. (not exactly dark black layer, you may use this color code : # 070707)
step 2:
go to optical flares seettings and do it on transparent
Step 3:
change blend mode normal to add.
it will be more birghter.

Are you pre-rendering the flare to include the pre-rendered version in your template?
If yes and you’re using VC Optical Flares, then I would recommend against doing that because this is what the license agreement between you and VC says:

(a) Template/Pre-Render and Stock Media Restrictions. The Software enables You to
render and create Your own Works. You cannot pre-render or flatten images created with
the Software using Content or other media from any source for use as a template or stock
media to offer for sale and/or use to third parties (except as otherwise indicated below).
But You can create a project using the Software so long as no Content/media from any
source is pre-rendered, and offer or sell those Works to third parties. However, Your
offer or sale of Your Works to others cannot include any Content; the purchaser of Your
Works must own or acquire a license to such Content by purchasing the appropriate
Software. …"

Thanks , I have tried doing that but still the glow is looking very harsh

Thanks , I was working on an on going project and I just wanted to use it on a black background but I am not able to use it since the outcome is very harsh . When I render it as .avi file then it looks good but when I render it as .mp4 file the video doesn’t look like it looks in the project .

I aways render my files in a master codec first, like mov animation or apple pro res. Then I convert to h264 or any other format, and use a high bitrate, to keep the quality. Maybe if you adjust the bitrate (using the adobe media encoder) you can get a better result.

Well I have tried this process (converting .avi file into h.264 using adobe media encoder) before creating this thread but it didn’t worked out .

Moreover the colors are saturated after rendering , I have tried a enabling lot of things in the project settings like

  1. Changing the project to 16bits per channel
  2. Blend Colors using 1.0 Gamma
  3. Match legacy After effects quick time gamma adjustments

but nothing seems to work at the moment . Any suggestion are welcomed , thanks :smile:

Hey all the smart people , give me some suggestion :slight_smile:

Print screen is from some video player or AE ?? Try to import the rendered clip into AE and then check the colors.

Its not a screenshot , I actually imported the render clip into AE and then I made a new composition and putting the original comp and rendered video together I came up with this image :slight_smile: . I just can’t understand why .avi files gives me more original colors and when I convert the .avi file to .mp4 then I get the color mismatch and even if I directly make a .mp4 file then also the colors are not accurate .