Pre-Render Optical Flares

Hello Guys, I created a logo project with Optical Flares Plugin
so I create 2 version versions with the Plugin and another without Plugin Is it allowed?
So I have to do Pre-Render with this Plugin the problem what I did 4 examples and the 4 work with this Plugin ‘Optical Flares’! so The 2nd question what is the simplest method to make Pre-Render not to lose in quality and reduced space
PNG Sequence RGB + Alpha?
and what’s the Effect to use to change the color once Pre-Render add on version without Plugin
Tint effect?

Hi. Yes, you can submit both, plugin version and no plugin version of your project. And yes, PNG Sequence RGB + Alpha is what you can set. I use, for example, QuickTime MOV but with PNG format to preserve Alpha Channel and reduced file size, and RGB+Alpha, Millions of Colors+ , Straight settings.

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For Pre render optical flare, I use photofilter effect with custom color settings & vibrance effect.

Thank you, friends.

This is exactly what I was looking for Thanks.

What do you think about it CC Toner on Screen Mode?

I’m looking for effects to change Pre-Render color!

CC toner will give you greater control (with highlight, shadow, midtons) but for me photo filter is easier to control.

Thank you.

I don’t know why everybody ignore Video Copilot licenses. But every Author who pre-render their plugins should read this:

Full document:
Find on this page:

UPD: Many years ago Video Copilot allowed to pre-render their plugins. But today it’s forbidden.

UPD2: Also as I understand (but not sure) you are allowed to pre-render Optical Flares only if:
(1) You purchased the plugin long time ago, when VC allowed pre-renders.
(2) You didn’t upgrade the plugin to latest version.


I am very interested in knowing VC answer. That’s why I sent VC a ticket to explain licence restrictions.

Andrew Kramer himself visited Envato forum and explain everything. But unfortunately I couldn’t find this thread now.

Hello Second, I think this is the post you were talking about. (Locked) Important Information Regarding Video Copilot's Element 3D.

Here’s the answer from Video Copilot Matt Kramer:

"We do not allow anything to be pre-rendered with Optical Flares and then re-sold or re-distributed in this manner.

Here is a simplified example for how we would allow them to be used for templates:

  1. You create project which uses Optical Flares.
  2. You save the AE project file and place assets into a folder.
  3. Zip it up, upload to VideoHive (or similar).
  4. Customer who owns Optical Flares would be able to buy and use the template."

I think the authors are not aware (or do not take it seriously) of VC licence restrictions. 1) VC should claim. 2) Envato should not allow Optical Flares pre-renders in projects sold in their market.

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Yes, this is the thread I looked for. Thank you for finding it.

I searched “Optical Flares” on and sorted results by newest items. Opened the first one and guess what. Uses plugins: Optical Flares. Item description: NO PLUGINS required. How is that possible? Am I missing something here?

As I said before it possible if author purchased Optical Flares many years ago. And uses old version now. License was different and in past there was no such section that forbid pre-render. Nobody can take off your purchased license.
But, of course, all new users should stop to pre-render Optical Flares, because it’s not allowed.

I asked Envato Support Team for clarification. As far as I understood from post about Element 3D (it is relavant for Optical Flares as well), the projects including pre-renders should have been rejected. This is what MarkBrodhuber said “The end all folks is that Element 3D’s licensing explicitly states that no prerendering of any media is permitted if the end result is for project files, templates, or stock media. End of story.”

It means that the end product is achieved by using the plugin Optical Flares but no plugins are required for the client because the Optical Flares have been pre-rendered and therefore the client needs not have the plugin to use the template.

You don’t understand he ask about proper usage of Video Copilot license. If license doesn’t allow to pre-render plugin, how it’s possible to have item approved on market. Because it’s definitely against the license.

I expected you to reply to me with an uncalibrated comment. The fact is you did not understand what he asked with the comment to which I replied. I replied to the comment where he wanted to know how a template can use a plug-in and at the same time the client does not need to have the plug-in to use the template. It’s normal for someone to be confused by this so I clarified what the description meant. In this specific comment he did not talk about license but how a template is used.

I read once here in the forum that somebody (I don´t remember the name) from Envato Team talked to Andrew Kramer about this Optical Flares license issue, and the end of the conversation was that if Optical Flares is not used as main and only tool inside a project (for example revealing a logo), then only in these cases Optical Flares can be pre rendered. This means you can pre render Optical Flares only if it´s used for secondary details in the project. I keep searching this thread that i´m talking about but I can´t find it. Anyway I´m sure I´ve read it some time ago.

Hello GFM,

I got following official answer from Video Copilot yesterday:

“We do not allow anything to be pre-rendered with Optical Flares and then re-sold or re-distributed in this manner.”