RENAME a badly automated wordpress translated category (press)

Hi guys, been troubleshooting myslef alot in the past weeks since my author gives no signs of life (official complaint done and is being handled by envato). I’ve been doing a yoga page for a client based on socha template. All is finish but one thing.

My press category is being rename, automatically, by wordpress and I want to put something totally different then “PRESS”, I want to put for example: “ÉVÉNEMENTS”

I’ve been looking code and searching for THE place to modify but I cannot find it!

here’s a small picture i made showing you the exact place where I want to modified my text

look in address bar, i’m in PRESS category…

thanks for any help


It’s a slug and you may need to modify the theme files. You can also check theme settings, if you’re lucky that’d help.
In case of interest, I can provide “paid” support:

Hello Dom,

We can assist you that in sorting that out. We provide WordPress customization service through Envato Studio. If you interested to work with us, you can order the service. We will do customizations as per your requirements.