Change URL, Retirement Care Home WP template

Hey guys,
I bouht theme Retirement Care Home WP template and i have big problem.
I need rename part of directory tree, their name is Accommodations in this template.
I would like to change the url for an application called “Accommodations”.

When I currently create a “Single care apartment”,
It will be assigned default address:

I need to modify the part of the address “accommodations” to my own.

So not

I cannot find anything in the administration / the code to setup it for my preferences.

Where can I change it?

Thanks a lot, Ramo,

You can try to contact the author for free support but considering this is a custom request, they may not provide help but if you’re interested in, I can help you:

Hello Ramo!

You can use this piece of code (**(add it into your functions.php from your site’s theme).

function change_taxonomies_slug( $args, $taxonomy ) {
   if ( 'accommodations' === $taxonomy ) {
      $args['rewrite']['slug'] = 'yourownslug'; // Add your own slug there

   return $args;
add_filter( 'register_taxonomy_args', 'change_taxonomies_slug', 10, 2 );

P.S -> After adding the code on functions.php if you access the links you will get Error 404. This is because you should reset the Permalinks.

Please let me know the results :slight_smile:

Hi man,
Thanks for the advice, but nothing helped me.

I wrote the prefix according to the advice.
I backed up the site and added it to the file:


Ten pieces of php code, see the screen.

I tried to add it up, finally to the middle of the file, changed the
permanent links according to the instructions, and cached the cache in the
PC and still displayed the accommodation.
I’m sending the screen code + functions.php.
Could you please fill me properly in functions.php and test it?
With respect