Remove all unrelated Redux dev and non-dev items

Remove all unrelated Redux dev and non-dev items.
How can I fix this issue?

Remove all unrelated Redux dev and non-dev items.

Is that what reviewer told you? That’s very vague.
It might be that they want you to remove Redux ads, dashboard widget, developer notifications, tools menu, etc. there is a lot of unnecessary stuff (for the end user) added by Redux.

@bbioonThemes Before you start working on this task, have a look at this post

I was asked to cleanup the ads etc and when I did it, the reviewer asked me to move redux out of the theme as a plugin.

What about redux ads etc. if redux in plugin?

Case 1: Dev mode OFF / Debug false / Not on local host : Everything is fine.

Case 2: Dev mode ON or OFF / On local host / Debug true : Those are back.

Later Edit:

** With Redux in plugin at least removing a block of code could avoid these soft rejection reasons ( not at all necessary though, as most of the authors do not forget to keep dev mode off in redux settings :wink: )

** I know paid extension is there, but not a solution here.

** Including edited redux version via TGMPA is not a solution too.

** If reviewers check without installing required plugins, no issues, but that is very unlikely.

** If reviewers ignore ads etc. if redux in plugin, all ok (will be nice if staff could clarify this)

How about editing the files to remove the ads and rename the plugin with your prefix ( giving due credit to Redux ). This way updating the plugin to latest version will be in your hand (if you want ) and edited files won’t get overwritten by update.

the reviewer provided me this image
my question is do i have to remove this image only or any other redux ads ?

second question : am i allowed to hide this ads with css ? so it can be done easily. and i have done it but i’m not sure if it is true

@PlayerThemes i dont like the way of adding redux framework as a plugin
i think the redux framework is a big part of my theme logic

i’m looking for a similar code like this
but for themes not plugins
could any one help me with this

Legally…may be…yes, with some name like…‘redux-framework-modified’…I’m no license expert though :wink:

i found a solution that will help to block redux ads
just go to ReduxCore\inc\class.redux_helpers.php

in the line 376 you will find the following code
$localize[‘rAds’] = Redux_Helpers::rURL_fix( $base, $redux->args[‘opt_name’] );

just comment this line of code :slight_smile:

to remove redux framework dashboard widget just go to

in the line 17 you will find the following code

add_meta_box(‘redux_dashboard_widget’, ‘Redux Framework News’, array($this,‘redux_dashboard_widget’), ‘dashboard’, ‘side’, ‘high’);

just comment this line of code

Redux framework Version:

@sbp it has gpl 3 license which allows you to “copy, distribute and/or modify”. The only thing you need to do is retain the copyright info of Redux.

We need to remove

  1. Notice at the top
  2. Ad on the top right
  3. Widget in the dashboard.

I will post the solution here once I get back.

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@bbioonThemes I also prefer Redux within the theme instead of plugin. For my next project I won’t be using Redux, instead opted for Kirki Customizer. has banned all the admin frameworks for free theme submissions, so chances are that Envato will follow as well. I think its time to switch to customizer. (Redux has build its own customizer as well, but Kirki seems to be the leader at the moment)

@Player themes
Can you provide some suggestions of your solutions
Or tell me if mine is OK

I’m about to resubmission soon today

Version: 3.5.5 (Things might have changed now)

enqueue.php Comment out following section

       /* Hide Ads
                        if ( isset( $this->parent->args['dev_mode'] ) && $this->parent->args['dev_mode'] == true ) {
                            $nonce                               = wp_create_nonce( 'redux-ads-nonce' );
                            $base                                = admin_url( 'admin-ajax.php' ) . '?action=redux_p&nonce=' . $nonce . '&url=';
                            $this->parent->localize_data['rAds'] = Redux_Helpers::rURL_fix( $base, $this->parent->args['opt_name'] );

framework.php Comment out following section

// hide ads
                    if ( $this->args['dev_mode'] == true || Redux_Helpers::isLocalHost() == true ) {
                        require_once 'core/dashboard.php';

                        if ( ! isset ( $GLOBALS['redux_notice_check'] ) ) {
                            require_once 'core/newsflash.php';

                            $params = array(
                                'dir_name'    => 'notice',
                                'server_file' => '' . 'wp-content/uploads/redux/redux_notice.json',
                                'interval'    => 3,
                                'cookie_id'   => 'redux_blast',

                            new reduxNewsflash( $this, $params );
                            $GLOBALS['redux_notice_check'] = 1;
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my version is
and this code is not found in the file

/* Hide Ads
if ( isset( $this->parent->args[‘dev_mode’] ) && $this->parent->args[‘dev_mode’] == true ) {
$nonce = wp_create_nonce( ‘redux-ads-nonce’ );
$base = admin_url( ‘admin-ajax.php’ ) . ‘?action=redux_p&nonce=’ . $nonce . ‘&url=’;
$this->parent->localize_data[‘rAds’] = Redux_Helpers::rURL_fix( $base, $this->parent->args[‘opt_name’] );

but the second block of code is existing