Rejected project...why?

hi, everyone,i’m a new author of envato. i recently reviewed my first video, but they said so:“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Intro Robot Explosion” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again… Please be aware we have updated our watermarks. You can find the new Envato watermark on the help center here. This means that all new item submissions and resubmissions from the the 14th of March onwards will need to use the new watermark in the preview. Items submitted using the old watermark, may be rejected”
unfortunately, they have not given me any explanatiom why they refused the project. YOu can tell me why. if you want,i’ll send you my preview
Maybe it’s just the watermarks?

Hi! You don’t need to send your project to anyone. Just attach video preview of your project here

moreover, I used these tags: 3d, logo, intro, robot, innovation, metal, futuring, technological, fog, fire, opener, explosion, red, redshift, motioncap
maybe they are incorrect for the after effects section?

This video looks like there was no plan, script or anything similar involved in the creation of this piece. Random 3D model doing random smokey stuff, a 3d camera animation that has great problems holding the subject in the frame and it ends with a logo reveal that is totally separated from the 3d animation we had to endure for the first couple seconds.

in your opinion, is it possible to improve it in any way?
What do you mean is that the character and the logo have to interact more?

Also I think they meant logo instead of watermark, seeing as how I didn’t see any watermarks on your project, but you were using the outdated logo design.

do you think that even improving it, they wouldn’t accept it anyway?

could you tell me where to find the updated logo?

I’m not on my computer at the moment so i can’t check for certain, but I think this is the link:

Maybe Creattive or someone can confirm?

I saw that there are the Envato Market logos in the PSD and Vector EPS versions.
Extra Envato: apps, tools and resources to help you get more out of Envato.
Envato logo in Vector EPS version.
It opens everything, except the last one “logo envato vector eps version”

Personally, I would ditch the entire robot section and focus on the actual logo part.

from what I understand, therefore, the attention must be focused on the logo…the animation I made with the robot is too dispersive, right?
or the reason is the act that animation and logo are not “merged” well together?

The robot seems completely disconnected and unnecessary. It’s a random robot in a bright white room waving its arms around with a ball of smoke, and then it suddenly cuts to a black background with dramatic lighting and particle effects, doesn’t really make much sense.

Robot and logo reveal don´t interact because the robot is one thing (with many quality and execution failures), and the reveal is a project from author @Visual_A that you used to make your own template, and that´s not allowed at all:

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thanks a lot, can you tell me by changing the effect, if they could accept the project?
(despite the disconnection of the character and logo).
Besides, can free effects like saber be used?
Being on my first video, I’m not very familiar

Saber is a free plugin that you can use and the customer will need it to open your project, that´s not a problem at all. But the project from Visual_A has a specially designed smoke effect to be used with that specific logo reveal, so if you use it you would be infringing copyright. And if you eliminate the robot and the final reveal, then you have to start from scratch a whole different project. There´s not much to do.

You can’t just change an effect, you’re using a file from another item on VideoHive, which is against the terms of service, and is also plainly illegal. This will not be accepted regardless of what you do to it. You need to scrap it and make an entirely new project from scratch.

thanks for all this information…I will work on a new project.
being careful to use saber effects, and updated logos ,.

And don´t use projects from other authors, that´s absolutely forbidden