Rejected by quality team

Hello all
Can anyone help me
Every time I submit files to they are rejected by quality team
I purchased an item and made my item files as the item I bought

hi buddy sorry to say just this but hard to help u if u show us only what u’ve got here … there is only one side and in addition, that there are already some things to improve … as regard to the disposition / alignment of the logo , as regard to the way the logo looks and the proportion of it in the design not being the right one or even as regard to the typo being flat and not offering thus originality, impact or combinations …

How can I get improvement and help on this

You need to show us what the item looks like. Post the preview image that you made for the item.

i had just answered to u … just follow everything that seems o make sense for you and do … lol but most importantly show the other side of the card …


I mean in that
How the author provided the other component and what files he gave and how the measurements were
They all look as good as the item you bought from GraphicRiver

So far I don’t know why my item is rejected
The quality team does not help and does not tell me why the item was rejected
So how do I know that!
Please help me I have quite a lot of business cards that I have submitted in the past months and have been rejected every time

So far I don’t know why my item is rejected
The quality team does not help and does not tell me why the item was rejected
So how do I know that!
Please help me I have quite a lot of business cards that I have submitted in the past months and have been rejected every time.

The files arent the problem, it’s the actual look of your item that just simply doesnt meet the requirements. If you want some proper help, you need to show us the preview image that you made for your item, one that clearly shows what your card looks like from the front and back, and how you present it on the market.


Also also developed a file text help


Thank you for purchasing a product

  • Layered PSD File
  • 3.75 × 2.25 inch
  • 300 dpi
  • CMYK
  • Fully Editable, Print Ready

Fonts used " Free "

Please if you need help, contact me

Best Regards :wink:

Please help me
Believe me I have more than 130 business cards every time I submit one is rejected
For more than a year I tried but no business card was accepted

What is the reason to reject the items please

Whoa dude, relax, no need to spam, just make one post and wait.

For this one in particular there just isn’t anything special about it that stands out. You need to realise that the business card category is one of the hardest to get into, because it’s so saturated with items. Business cards and flyers seem to be the most common categories for whatever reason, which means they are extra picky about what they accept for it.

Aside from that, there are more specific issues with your design.

  • Having the front and back look almost identical doesnt make much sense. Usually you want to have the logo/name be prominent on one side, and the information be prominent on the other side. You have the logo in (almost) the same spot, I wouldn’t put the logo in the same spot twice, and especially not a few pixels off. It kind of looks like it was a mistake, or that you overlooked one side entirely.

  • The abstract shapes don’t look like they had much thought put into them, and they look very flat, despite the gradients.

  • The logo and info aren’t aligned to each other, which may have been intentional, but it looks like a mistake.

  • The website at the bottom is so small and out of the way that I almost didn’t see it. If this is the main thing that people are going to use on the card, then it should definitely be more visible.

  • The info isn’t aligned with the icons.

  • I know the logo is just a placeholder example, but in terms of presentation, it doesn’t look very attractive.

  • For the presentation of the card (preview image), the background isn’t very fitting, it’s bright and detailed, which doesnt match well with a dark and simplistic card. It also makes the text below the cards very difficult to read. I would try using some mockups in the preview, that way customers can get an idea of how it would look in real life.

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Thank you very very much for this good and useful article
I’m sorry because I wasted your time
But this article is very good for me
Next time I will try to improve my work

But for files that are submitted to GraphicRiver
Can I create a PSD file for both sides
I mean, will I create a PSD file for the back side and another PSD file for the front side?
Or put the front and back side in one PSD file
When I submit the files to GraphicRiver, I put one PSD file that contains the front side and the back side, in addition to the card images from the front and back as well as the help file.
Is this true or is there something else to put

Best Regards.

You didn’t waste my time, the whole reason I’m on the forum right now is the help out, so I’m glad I was able to do that.

For the files, you should make sure to make it as user friendly as possible. As long you meet the requirements you can provide the item any way you see fit.

Here’s what I would do:
Provide two PSDs, one for front and one for back. I would also provide an alternative PSD which includes the front and back in separate artboards on one file, that way people who are using a modern version of Photoshop can make edits faster and easier. You don’t need to include the mockup images in the file you provide to the customer, in fact you probably shouldn’t. Only the PSDs and help file, whether it’s a .txt document or a pdf.

Aside from the main file (which is everything the customer will get), you also need to provide the following:

  • Image Preview. This is what the customers will see on the item page, this will ultimately be how they judge your item and be the deciding factor on whether they buy it or not.

  • Thumbnail. This is the small square image that’s shown on the home page and on your portfolio page. This should be attractive and stand out, because it’s going to be mixed in with a bunch of other items from other people.

  • Preview Image Set. This is an optional set of images that will be shown when someone clicks on the Image Preview, or the button under it. These are typically used to show more detailed and additional views of your item. Anything important should go in the Image Preview, NOT the image set.


Yes, that’s great
Thank you very much for these wonderful articles really very useful

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i had given a clue though u did not provide the whole card … now @XioxGraphix did a greta job to tell u what to work with …