Registered User Died

We are using Enfold Child Theme on our website –

Unfortunately, the person who designed the website, and who the theme is registered to, has died.

Is it possible to transfer the theme to me please?

We have admin access to the website.

Yours Roy


Contact with your purchase item author @Kriesi right here as a comments

hope they will helped!


Roy firstly sorry for the loss of your designer.

I would urge you firstly to contact the hosting company who is managing the website for you.

Krystal Hosting Ltd [Tag = KRYSTAL]

The domain expiry date is: 01-Jul-2022

At this moment right now, it is important to make sure that you can access the domain name, have the ability to renew it, and keep your hosting active.

THEN worry about the theme - providing you have access to the domain name etc, then you also need to make sure you have COMPLETE ADMIN RIGHTS on the wordpress website - it maybe a case that your designer give you limited rights in the admin area.

Apart from that see @unlockdesign reply. Good luck

I am the hosting company, and I own the domain, it’s just the Enfold Child licence I need transfered.

Yours Roy

I already contacted them, and they told me to try here :frowning:

Yours Roy

Is your item support expire?

No idea, how do I find that out?

I can’t login to the old account as I don’t have the password, or access to his old email.

Yours Roy
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Hi Roy

On their comments page

A question had been raised similar to your own predicament -

Q: If a Theme was purchased by a ‘web designer’ and the ‘end customer’ now wishes to take ‘ownership can the licence be transferred to them ?
A: Since download and purchase processes are managed by Envato, i believe it would be the best if you contacted them. Even if to transfer a license would be possible, your client probably would need to provide copy of the license or some sort of proof. I hope it works out!

From what I can see unless you can provide the evidence needed, then my best suggestion would be for you to buy the theme

And then enter the new licence key and information in your name. At least you will also be entitled to 6 months of support

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