Refund important problem, please help !

So, yestarday was 15 and i was waiting my money like in all months in PayPa but nothing, today nothing. In my opinion i guess it’s probably cuz in PayPal i was have an old yahoo mail that was deleted not by so i was make another account and both still on PayPal, my default account in withdraws was my old email but i was bring money on PayPal and this month i was removed the old deleted email from PayPal cuz i was thinking was useless. So i think this is the problem, and if is it where my money gone ? Please help me, it’s a way to solve that ?

You should have gotten an email sent to your account’s email address that looks like below. Check your spam.

Subject: Envato Market: Your Request for Withdrawal has been Processed (i.e. we sent you money!)


Hi Designerwoo,

We just processed your request for ___USD via paypal.
Your payment was sent to [PayPal email].

Happy Spending!


Envato Market Team

Psst! Remember - this is not a marketing email. Since you have an Envato Account, we want to keep you informed about transactions, operational updates or changes to our websites.

It will have sent the money to whatever PayPal email was in your account on April 30, 2016. You can’t change it after that. So if you used the old email before then, the money was sent to the old email.

You must contact PayPal support if you can’t log into your old account. They can help you.

Also if necessary you can reach Envato Support here:
They’ll be able to see if the payment was successful or such.