Refund for unauthorized renewal

Hi, I have left 5 emails now with support including 1 on the day of the charge. I didn’t authorize the renewal of my subscription and wouldn’t have left it on auto-renew. No one is responding.

What is happening? Is there no support?

Elements auto-renews unless it is cancelled.

Support can take a day or two to reply depending on the queue. I would suggest:

  • not to open more tickets as its unlikely to accelerate the process.
  • not to download anything using the subscription

Thanks Charlie. I haven’t downloaded anything in months (that I recall). I don’t plan on downloading anything new.

So there is no way to set auto-renew to off?? The service should be opt IN, not OUT. This would prevent a lot of hassles like this. I’ve already informed my credit card of their non-service. But it’s a shame because except for terrible support, it’s a good service.

Thanks again


Elements subscription will be autorenew after each payment duration/plan (monthly or yearly) untill you will not cancell the subscription.

Cancelling Your Subscription at Elements:

If you didn’t download anything in the autorenewal month then please contact elements support and they will help you to get refund for the last payment.

Please contact Elements Support if you didn’t open ticket in this link already. Support Team will be happy to help.