Recommendation for payment and or shopping cart component for WordPress - Appway template

I purchased the Appway template from Envato. I need to add a payment and or shopping cart component to the appway template for my WordPress website. I am new to WordPress. I want people to be able to select the the product or service needed and then make payment. I contacted the creators of Appway, and they have no recommendations or suggestions for this. Your recommendation is greatly appreciated.

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Hi silbano,

From my understanding, this theme is integrated with Woocommerce, meaning that you can install any payment method supported by Woocommerce, like Paypal, Stripe, or other payment methods allowed in your country. You just need to choose the payment method(s) you wish, and find the plugin(s) that will enable it for Woocommerce. You can find these plugins on or even on

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Thanks for the info. Do I need to install Woocommerce? This is my first website using WordPress. I’ve always used Joomla template without any difficulty. WordPress is a totally different world. It’s a difficult CMS to use. Can I hire you to help me with this?

Yes, you need Woocommerce… it is probably recommended for install by the theme you have purchased.

WordPress is the mainstream CMS since long time. Being easy or not to use, consider to get acquainted with it :+1:

Not sure, I think that @ki-themes can help you on this.

As @webdesigntrade stated ( Thanks! ) I would be happy to help you on this project. You can just drop me an email and we can discuss few details

Hi Ki,

I am new to WordPress and I chose your AppWay template to create my website at I am having so many problems trying to work with this template and am ready to give up with it. I don’t know which editor to use. My WordPress editor is Elementor, but Amir said it’s not needed. I ask for instructions on how to use and make changes to this template, but no one knows anything about it. Could you help me finish this website. I install Woocommerce since the people at Envato Market say the Appway uses Woocommerce. The Appway template creator updated their template for Woocommerce. I received an email from Woocommerce and Stripe that my account is ready for use. I can accept payments, but I need to connect the website to Woocommerce/Stripe to receive payments. I plan to allow business and churches to create their own mobile apps for FREE, but they will need to pay for an Annual Maintenance Plan of $139.00 US. I also want to provide them with an option to have a custom build Mobile App created by us for the price of $299.00 US. Please let me know what you would charge me to complete my website?
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