PaymentWall integration Woocommerce

First of all I’m french so my english isn’t perfect as yours.

I just saw a post that inspire me

And I would like to know if someone can integrate PaymentWall on my Woocommerce website.

Details : I have got an issue with this integration for weeks ! And PaymentWall doesn’t help me a lot.
I already installed the PaymentWall plugin.

So I want this : When my clients choose an product they can go to the checkout page and choose beetween Paypal or Paymentwall as a payment Gateway. But this they already can. The problem is when they choose paymentwall the iframe doesn’t appear.

So I need someone to solve my problem or integrate to my website PaymentWall. I can pay but I don’t know anything about the prices.

Kind regards.

The Woocommerce Integration with Paymentwall is very easy for as long as you entered the application key, secret key and widget code correctly on your admin panel.

You can try their Woocomerce module and make sure you follow each step exactly how it is.

Good luck and if doesn’t work, contact their devsupport team they are open round the clock. \m/^_^\m/

Dear Sir,

We would be happy to assist you. Please contact me on nitin33singh[at]