Recent changes to SalesRobot



If you don’t know about SalesRobot, scroll to the bottom of the post!

Hello to all 20 people that are still using my app! :smiley:

As you know, Envato has been making a number of changes to the statement / refunds / etc and as a result the app became more and more inaccurate in reporting the actual amounts earned this month and stuff like that.

What has changed:

  • The app will now account for refunds and exclude them from daily/monthly/yearly earnings. There is still about %1.5 difference between what the app shows and what I see on CodeCanyon as my balance, but I still can’t work out where that difference is coming from.
  • The accuracy of the “estimated earnings this month” has been significantly improved. It will now count how many mondays/tuesdays/etc remain until the end of the month, and calculate an estimate based on your average earnings per each weekday.
  • ALL data from the database has been wiped. This was needed, because you might still have had recorded sales in the app’s database, which were refunded. But because refunds will get accounted for from this point on, I had to wipe the database to make sure that only sales which have not been refunded exist. As a result:

When you open the app, you will be prompted to authenticate with Envato and fetch all your sales again.

If you haven’t heard about SalesRobot - it’s a free app that tracks your sales and gives you pretty charts. Here is a screenshot:


Yay! I’m one of those 20 :sunglasses: I’ve been using SalesRobot for a year now.(since beta) just found this post, now I know why my data record is wiped.

Feature request, currency switching. You can use API from

keep up the good work @nickys cheers.