real paint fx doesn't finish the job anymore after upgrade to Photoshop 2021

real paint fx doesn’t finish the job anymore after upgrade to Photoshop 2021

Not compatible with Photoshop 2021??

You should contact @Giallo about that.

Try emailing him via the contact form on their profile page.

Same issue for me, except I cannot install. Did you find an answer? I have reach out to @Giallo btw.

hello guys in case you have a problem with Real Paint FX after the update it’s because Photoshop resets the libraries sometimes so you’ll have to reload the Patterns and Tools again.

  1. check the trouble-shooting section it has the solution for most cases Support for Animated Real Paint FX - Photoshop Add-On

  2. Please try to follow closely the manual installation it will work How to Use Real Paint FX manually as an ActionScript (without FXBox) - YouTube (and it will work also from the FxBox)

thanks @XioxGraphix for the mention, and in general when you have a problem contact the author directly in this case me

Hi all, it worked perfectly on my Photoshop 2021 on Big Sur, it was my lack of understanding of scripts in Photoshop that was the issue. I am embarrassed to say that when you run the script on no image at all, it has an error. When you run it on an image it works. Yep, newbie mistake!