Photoshop Actions

Hey guys, i hope one of you can help me find what i need, i was looking into getting Photoshop Actions that turn photographs into: Pencil Drawings, Oil Paintings, Retro Visual, Pop Visual, etc…

I have seen the top seller actions on the market but they are ALL for you to select (brush) a certain part of the image that you want to use, these dont work for what i want because i want to effect the WHOLE photograph, and these “region based” actions dont work well at all when you select the whole picture, hence why im coming directly to you guys for help, is there any high quality action that effects the whole photo for the type of effects i mention earlier?

Thanks in advance!

hi I’ve one in my portfolio called Real Paint FX which doesn’t require selection.
However can I ask why is it a problem to create a selection instead of applying the effect to the whole picture? (just curious)

Hi Giallo!
It’s nice to see you are still around here (we talked here before like 5-6 years ago haha).
The problem with the selection is that i have to have the effect on the whole photo so i can automate it on hundreds of images, i cant go and hand brush each one of them, hence why im asking for actions that would do the whole area versus a selection.

I will check your action now, thanks!

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ah in fact your name sounded familiar! thanks for the explanation, I didn’t consider this.
cheers and good luck on your search