React Native theme for employee registration

Can you tell me if in this market there is any issue for React Native to create an application for mobile devices so that my company’s employees can sign from their devices at the time of starting and when leaving their job?
I need the application to be connected to a database and be able to see at any time the entry and exit records of the job.
To be able to send these records to the company in some way, so that they have a copy of them.
Or that a user who option to see the records of all employees
I’ve spent hours searching for React Native themes and I can’t find anything wrong.
Maybe I am not looking for the right way, if you can help me with this, I would be very grateful.
Thank you.

Hey @agricolaparra.

Personally, I don’t think your item idea would generate a lot of sales. There is a lot of similar items ( already and narrowing the item down to a React Native “theme” would help my point.


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Thank you for your input, but I don’t see which of those topics that you see in the link you have shown, I can achieve my purpose.
Is there a special one that can help me?
Maybe I should edit the question and put more details of my needs
Thank you

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Both of those manage employee clock in/outs.

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I don’t believe any serious business would use a stock app from somewhere like Codecanyon to manage this.

There are far too many purpose built platforms that do a million times more, at a reasonable price, and remove the need for hosting or technical stress

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Hi @GaldamezSoftware
Edit the query with more details.
I am reviewing the topics of your link but I don’t see which one may be worth my purpose.
I don’t see any for React Native
Do you know of more similar topics?