A Smart Day Planner App

Hi guys,
I want to start a daily routine,with certain reoccuring tasks and placeholder-timeslots inbetween for tasks of projects im working on at a given moment.

My idea is to run it on a private Server, but to have it accessible through a desktop app and a android app. Both would ask me to put Tasks of a To-Do List into these timeslots and afterwards ask wether or not I have completed them, hor how much Percentage of the task I have completed. When I complete a task, it would suggest another one.The programm would suggest the tasks based on their importance and deadlines. It would not ask me though if I already had an event in my Calendar at the time of a slot.

So basically what it would do is draw from and edit an IMAP Calendar and Task List and present them in a smart way.

Since I dont know alot about coding, I was quite happy to stumble over Codecanyon. Unfortunatly I haven’t found a program which does the things I wan’t it to do, or atleast I didn’t get which programms were capable of this doing that.

Do you guy know of a finished solution for this idea? Or could you recommend a set of programms I can put together to make this happen? Or do you at least have a reccomendation of how to approach this idea in general?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


I doubt you would find something that specialist in a stock marketplace like CodeCanyon.

I am certain that if you search for task management and routine planners in the app store then you will be able to find something to help

Thanks for the reply Charlie,
I want to host the application myself though, so the appstore kinda falls flat.

Then (assuming it would be for commercial use rather than just your own personal use) there are other licensing considerations around using items from here.

With the best will possible this is well beyond a stock marketplace item, and would most likely cost quite a lot to set up let alone scale if you planned to release it to a lot of wider users.

Good luck