Please someone explain to me what the rank at the end of the url means?

Thank you.

I believe it’s an algorithm parameter for the search system! :slight_smile:

Yes but what dose it mean, the higher the better or the lower the bettet :slight_smile:

Maybe just be used to find out which rank is clicked most, if it’s no1, search functions are fine :smiley:

This is for a reason.
This way Envato can track a keyword if it is useful and how deep (page number) users digged into the search result pages. (user behavior tracking).
Envato may use this statistics for a purpose that only they know :slight_smile:

For authors, you can use this to make more relevant useful keyword or item title.
And You may feel proud and happy that your item can be still clicked even your item is at rank 69981 (this number is this topic id, in case you may wonder what is this number). lol.