why our product listed in 2nd page of search result for a keyword?

Hello Guys,

We have a Real Estate Property CMS on codecanyon,

[link removed by mod]

we have around 100 Sales in last 1 year, and we have also updated the cms on timely manner. but problem is this,

when we search on codecanyon with a keyword like “real estate”, then results shows our product in 2nd page at 18th position. other products that are not updated in last year or many are not updated from several years, are given priority then our product, while our product are updated time to time and has regular sale.

this is the search url: https://codecanyon.net/search/real%20estate

anybody understand the problem?

how can i improve our product position on search results for a keyword?

please suggest us the better solution

Envato has its own system to list the items. I don’t think there’s additional things you can do

it may be there own system, ok. but why an old listed item that has no update since last few years and very less sale are showing first before the item that is up to date and good sale and reviews?

I dont think its some kind of there system mistake.

I read few similar threads as well, if I’m not mistaken. You can search the forum for the earlier topics. It’s been discussed before

can you please share the links of other threads similar to this? i did not find anything similar here or on google also.