Another "WTF Envato?" moment.

If you go to CodeCanyon to see the most popular items ( ) i see they have added some links in the page heading, which for me they all look broken:

I mean, don’t you test these things before pushing live?

Anyway…Next, if you ever click one of those top links, you get redirected to the page showing top items in that category BUT you don’t have the heading links anymore in that inner page, so why is that? Do you want to drive the traffic away from items from the first page? That’s something that would bother lots of people, including me.

I don’t get this move, items from the popular page are there because, some of them, do extraordinary efforts to stay there, paying to get traffic through ads and so on, and then Envato comes and throws some links in the page header to drive people to other inner pages? Why not add those links in the page footer, after the list of items ?

Also, if for example you look at you can see that page is almost full of items that have 1 sale, how is that even considered to be a top item if it has one sale?

This is just another move…