Rafael Krux not answering Copyright claim on YouTube

I have had a false copyright ID claim on YouTube by using music downloaded from Envato Elements even when I have a paid account.

Can you please clear this claim and whitelist my channel @Orchestralis ?

my channel name is Religious Storytime TV

I already dispute to you on youtube, but 14 hrs already, you didnt answer or not removing the claim. and my monitezation is effected. please help me.

here is license:

Item Title: Flutes of the Middle East
Item URL: https://elements.envato.com/flutes-of-the-middle-east-D6SV8NP
Item ID: D6SV8NP
Author Username: Orchestralis
Licensee: birtan altay
Registered Project Name: dreams
License Date: February 13th, 2024
Item License Code: XYKFJCN345



Thank you for your message, for choosing our music for your video and my apologies for the inconvenience!

I submitted your video for clearing and your channel for whitelisting, please allow up to 24h for the system to update and for changes to take effect.

If you were to have any issues with copyright claims on our music in the future, please contact us at support@orchestralis.net.

Thank you again for your patience!

All the best,
Rafael Krux

Why would you do that? There is no justification for whitelisting a channel, just because they have a license for a video.

That’s not a false claim. It’s a genuine claim. Copyrighted material generates copyrighted claims. You get licenses from Envato precisely to clear such claims.