quick question about PUBLISHER, CUE SHEETS and IDENTIFYY

Hi all, I hope you are all well.

Today I got an email from someone in the US asking me for my full name and publisher to add in their cue sheet. I guess they are gonna use one of my tracks on TV or cinema/film broadcast.

When I was doing lots of films/ads, I used to have a publisher but when I entered the royalty-free music world, I decided to terminate the contract, becasue I wanted to have total control over my music.

So, now, I don’t have a publisher but I have all my portfolio registered with Identifyy now.

My tracks are also registered with my PRO (APRA AMCOS, in Australia). But I guess this has nothing to do with the publishing, right? PRO will only collect royalties. Not act as my publisher, correct?

Should I just tell him that I don’t have a publisher, or Identifyy becomes my publisher?

Sorry, I know this might be some dam questions, but just want to make sure I am well informed so I can do the right thing.




Identifyy does not have anything to do with broadcast usage (not your publisher). Your PRO is not your publisher either.

I don’t know the case of your PRO, but in BMI I put myself as the publisher, so I get both the writer and the publisher share (200%). I guess you should tell the client to list your name and ipi code in both writer and publisher share on the cue sheet. Anyways, contact your PRO to be sure. You might need to create a publishing company, like ASCAP writers do. Shouldn’t be too hard.

hope this helps


hey @MarscottMusic, thanks a lot for that.

Thanks for confirming that Identifyy and my P.R.O has nothing to do with publishing. I kinda knew but just needed confirmation. Thanks a lot for that.

Now…how do I find our my ipi code?


when you register your music to BMI, do you upload each track itself as a mp3 file format?

I ask that because I registered all my portfolio with APRA (my Australian PRO), however, they only offer the option to enter the info (title and length), which really is quite silly because the title is irrelevant (like uplifting corporate) and the length, well…I always have different versions with different lengths.

Would you recommend me to register with BMI since most of my sales go to US?


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Well I can see my ipi code when I log in to my BMI account. You would have to find out how to get it from your PRO.

BMI doesn’t need any files. Just the title, alternate titles, length of the main version and if you have any artist name associated with that recording you should mention that. As far as I know, as long as there is a cue sheet with your name and ipi, you should be fine (paid).

Don’t know if BMI is better or not because I don’t know anything about your PRO. In my case it was better (I’m not from the US) because my local pro has quite a bad reputation. Maybe there are more Australian composers that can contribute more info about that. What I do know is ASCAP , BMI and PRS (UK) have a lot of affiliates that work in music licensing. They are very familiar with this business. Again I don’t know if it’s worth switching to BMI (or ASCAP, or PRS) in your case. Maybe the Australian PRO is just fine.


All good. I just found my ipi number from APRA.

So, i will reply to him with my full name and my ipi number. but will say that at the moment I do not have a publisher (as I don’t know how it works with APRA regarding what you did for yourself to get 200% by being the composer and publisher at the same time).

This should be enough to be able to track it down later and collect the royalties, right?

I will arrange a meeting with someone from APRA soon in order to have several questions I have always had finally answered.

thanks again for your attention.

I would tell the client to put you as the publisher anyways. There is nothing to loose. Worst thing can happen is that you don’t receive your pub share. Best to put your name there than not.


No, you don’t have to fill publisher field if you don’t have any. They will find you or not but duplicating false data in Publisher field will not change anything.

BTW here you will find something about it: The AJ Community Guide #2 - Performing Rights Organisation Royalties (PRO)

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It depends on how the australian PRO works, do you know how it works? Are you affiliated with them?

I just say that because I’ve seen my name on publisher and writer fields on almost all the cue sheets I receive.

IMHO Most PROs use International database so when they find your track and you as its composer, they find that you do not have publisher of this track. They can’t freeze publishare share, they have to send it at least only to a composer.

Hi RedOctopus,

I have composed the music for an ad for a very important brand that will be broadcast on televisions around the world in 2020.
I’ve composed it for a company that makes ads for its customers.
I’ve registered the track with 5 versions on my PRO.
I don’t have publisher.
What would be the next step?
I’m so lost is the first time I’ve done this.

Ask your PRO for what they need to be 100% sure that you will get royalties. Probably they will need cue sheets or name of brand and campaign, first air dates and tv channels.

You can use Numerator and Tunesat as well to monitor broadcasts. If that is a big campaign, you can expect big money!

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Hey, guys!
I have a quick but very important question:
One of my files was a free file of the month last year and it was downloaded more than 20 000 times, so do you think that it would be a bad idea and a super hassle if i try to monetize it through Identifyy?
Thanx a lot in advance for your help and answers!


You have a right to monetize unauthorized use. All clients who downloaded your track as a free file have a license which makes it authorized use.

Keep in mind that CID helps PROs in collecting royalties so it’s crucial to get those money, which by the way are probably relatively low.

On the other hand most uses will be authorized so it will be a pain in the neck for mamy clients.

But we do not know how mamy unauthorized uses it will have and it would be nice to collect PRO royalties from so many uses.

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Thanx a lot for you help and answer, bro!
I am considering a try out with some of my bestsellers, so let’s see how it goes!
if the positive outweights the negative it would be a precious lesson learned and some more pocket change!

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Do they now provide license for free files though? I know this definitely used to be an issue.

I am not 100% sure but I think I’ve seen info about providing license for a free file. Though, actually it has to be to confirmed, maybe authors or staff can answer this?

You should talk to them specifically, avoid letting them abuse your work, You should ask them how they are producers, Wish you success.