Urgent help needed..question about BMI PRO and licensing

Got a request from a buyer in Canada who wants to use on of my tracks in a TV show. My music is registered with BMI. She said that BMI doesn’t license outside the US…what does she mean? i thought it’s all worldwide and all the PRO’s work together. Any explanation is welcome. Thanks. Basically how can she proceed.

Sounds like she’s confused. She just need to fill your information. The channel (broadcaster) will take care of paying the Canadian PRO, which will then work it out with BMI. At least, this is my understanding of how it works. Don’t get what her issue is.

Canadian TV Shows will pay performance royalties to BMI writers and BMI publisher members. SOCAN will collect them and then pay BMI and then BMI will pay you in 12 to 18 months! Just tell her to send you a copy of the cue sheet. In fact e-mail her a blank cue sheet. She does not know what she is talking about. Just say here are my IPI #'s for writer and publisher fields on the cue sheet. Cue sheets have writers from PRO’s from all over the world all the time. I see them all the time. Cue sheets for TV shows have GEMA, PRS, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, writers all the time…Even Australia, and other European writers show up on them here in the U.S. Request a copy of the cue sheet after she fills it out. E-mail that to BMI. Instruct her to e-mail the cue sheet to BMI too. Have her review this again.


thanks. i called BMI and got an answer as well, Sent it to her. Sale made!!!