Questions of the theme Shutter , please help me :)


I hope this e-mail finds you well.

I have purchased the theme Shutter in Theme Forest and have some questions about it. I took a wordpress class, saw tutorials and read several times the documentation. After exploring during days wordpress I have still some questions that I can’t seem to resolve…

The first ones is about the customization:

  • Is it possible to move the header menu to the left and how?
  • How to put the entire written header in website? I have my name written: “Luna Restrepo” with a 32 font but only Luna is showing when it’s bigger than the standard size.
  • How to remove the shutter Icon when the website is loading?

I have also 4 more questions:

  • Even though the theme is not related to any plugin, is there one that could go well with it?
  • Is the theme the same as this one: and if yes, why can’t I have those demos?
  • My demos cannot be uploaded, is there another way to upload them?
  • And finally, when I create a page, there is no way to put images in the gallery image section in the bottom of the image. ! 00|690x370

Thank you so much for your support, It would be a miracle if I can solve these problems,

I am at your disposal for any further questions,

Luna Restrepo


Please contact your purchased theme Author through Item Shutter theme Support page and let them know your query. your theme Author will assist you.


Thank you so much for your reply Mgscoder!

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