Question, for WordPress theme documentation.

For theme documentation, forums, it is permissible not to use the theme itself?

Please help?

You can use anything for the documentation. Be sure to include a copy of the documentation inside the main files as well – most people provide local documentation in the form of PDF, HTML, or TXT files.

Support forums are not required at all. If you want to provide users with one, you can handle that however you wish.

I want to include online documentation as well and the online documentation wants to use the theme itself. means using the theme itself is permissible.

Ok thanks for the help.

Yes, you can definitely use your theme for the online documentation. They don’t care about how you do it, but rather the content inside it. Good luck! :+1:

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Thank you very much.

What I fear is including violating envato or rules.
Here is an example I want to submit, hopefully this is acceptable, if the peer ratings are lacking, I will fix it as soon as possible.