Question about video background headers on mobile

Greetings – apologies if I’m in the wrong place to ask for assistance on this, but after purchasing the WPResidence collection and installing it, I’ve found the documentation is very vague, and the tangled mess of third-party controls makes it challenging to keep track of which group is credited with which aspect of the site (mainly desired for support purposes) … so! I figured I’d ask my question here:

So, I have opted for the “Demo 1” style of content of WPResidence ( ) and am just now noticing that the video background (while works excellently on a PC) only shows up as a playable video clip (with a play button, control slider, etc) on a mobile device. I’ve seen several sites have full video backgrounds when viewed on mobile, so I’m wondering why they have that disabled for mobile devices? – There must be some sort of hack around this, no? Anyone familiar with a particular block of code that could be thrown in that would override this and force video to play on mobile devices? (the video clip I’m using is pretty small and shouldn’t be too load-heavy for mobile devices)

Thanks much!