Question about portfolio...

Hi everyone!
I always have this type of questions…

1 - If I take one of my products out from my portfolio
Can I sell in other place with no problems?

2 - If I deleted my account
Can upload all my portfolio in another place with no problems?

3 - Whats the best way to do that?

Thank you

As I know… Yes, you can delete your items and upload them to other places, but you have to keep in your mind that the deleted items can’t be submitted again in the videohive marketplace.

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If you’re thinking to sell your items on other marketplaces, why do you want to delete the items, just remove your exclusivity, and spread your items to another place, but I don’t recommend it, as the fee will be 50%


As I can see your portfolio mostly consist of apple motion templates & Videohive, elements are the only good option left to sell those. So I wouldn’t recommend you go non exclusive.