Question about looped audio

Maybe someone can help me here. I’ve got a track that I think would work well as looped audio and it loops perfectly if I loop the project in my DAW. However, if I export the whole track to a .wave file, it doesn’t loop as well because the reverb tail is cut off.

So I decided to check some random looped audio files on here and they also don’t loop seamlessly for pretty much the same reason and some, well I’m not really sure how they loop at all. So what I’m asking is, do I leave the reverb tail intact and it’ll be crossfaded by whoever buys it or do I just let it cut off?

Hi DarkOrb - Most DAWs have a setting that allows you to retain the reverb tail during export to the stereo .wave file. I have it with Ableton Live. Check to see if yours does. If you have this setting, you only highlight the actual recorded audio, then during export it will output the right data into the .wave file to enable looping by an audio player with loop capability.

Note the Preview files you are checking out are not exported that way because they are exported to .mp3 as required by Envato. mp3 format does not support smooth looping as does .wave.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure if Reaper has this function or not, but I’ll check it out.