How to make a looped audio track?


I’m a new author here, sorry if this is a dumb question. I noticed when I submit a track there is a checkbox for “looped audio”:

‘If your music loops seamlessly, please select “Yes”. Otherwise, please select “No”’

If I am understanding correctly, a looped track is just a track with no dead space at the beginning or end of the track so it can be played end to end? Do I have that right? I want to create looped track but I want to make sure I understand how to create one the right way.

Thanks for any help and best of luck everyone with their sales

I think you are right. But also make sure it has no clicks or pops, and transition between end and beginning is smooth.
On the other hand I think a true loop should not have intro and outro. It should be endless when playing back. That’s why loops are short and a full track can not be a true loop.

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Good info to know, thanks for the reply