Question about license

Hello :slight_smile:

I bought this scritp some months ago: Auto PHP Licenser by phpmillion | CodeCanyon
I decided to change my domain after 6 months(my support was expired). On the script documentation, when we want to change domain, we need to uninstall license on admin panel, i did it(because script is protected by license system).
When i retry to install it on a new domain, it’s not work, so i ask the author to reissue my license.
But the author dont want to reissue/reset my license because my support is expired
I dont think it’s allowed because i can’t use the script after all.
So please, can you help me with this case? Because Author dont want to help me.
Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

Regards and thank for your help

Waiting for an answer :slight_smile:

Nice Help… Verry nice

Did you contact the item author? What did the author say?