Ok, I recived email from envato and the email was that it was rejected for quality reasons.
What is it meant ?

How was it mind by quality?

DEMO: http://www.spacegaming.cz/demo/



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It means your item is not at the quality standard required.
You can see requirements here https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/sections/200615794-ThemeForest-Requirements

You need to get more skill,I suggest checking this https://tutsplus.com/

Can you please specify the word quality?

I have to understand that there is a bug somewhere, something is not working, it’s not nice, something wrong there, or what?

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This is a marketplace for “high quality, premium” items only, so it has to have superior, modern design. If the reviewer does not feel the design is up to standard, they will reject it for quality. There’s some other cases too, I’m sure.

Your forum design isn’t ugly, it does look nice in my opinion, but it’s not on the level of “Wow, look at this website!” I personally wouldn’t use it as-is. It’s very plain, and some elements don’t look too appealing, like the search at the top right, or the navbar at the top.

To the reviewers, every pixel needs to be perfect.

Some examples:

  • On the page you have spacing inconsistencies…

  • There’s awkward spacing in some parts.

  • You need more space between icons and text.

  • This alignment is very weird and unexpected.

Ultimately I’m not a reviewer, these are just my opinions as a ThemeForest buyer. There’s obviously more to change than just what I listed above. Hope that helps.

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Ok, Thanks.