Quality of service

I paid for one theme a week ago and couldn’t install it because of "The download of this file has been disabled for security reasons"

I asked to return money back, nobody answered me!!!

I bought another theme, it downloading too slow.

I am upset with such service.


If you couldn’t download the item because it was removed, I’m sure the Help Team would be able to assist. Did you open up a help ticket at Envato Help and Support ?


Where did you buy this theme from? The reason I ask is that you’ve linked to a page that has nothing to do with Envato or Themeforest. You should be downloading items from the downloads section of your Envato account.


Everything I bought https://themeforest.net/

Envato resends my message to designer))

Ok, but where did you get the download link that took you to that Cloudup site? All Envato Marketplace items are downloaded through the Envato site, via Amazon Web Service. The only reason I can imagine for you to be downloading something through a third party storage site is if the author did some custom work for you, or he was letting you have access to an updated version that hadn’t yet been made available on the site.

Still, the best thing is to contact support, give them all the details and see if they can help. But if you’ve licensed an item through Envato, then it should show in your ‘downloads’ page, and you will be able to download it directly from there.