Purchasing code theft Wowonder

Look at the absurdity, I contacted the support communicating the theft of my purchase code, and they ask me to ask the person who stole it to return it to me.
This to me is vulnerability.
Lack of respect for the consumer.


Contact your purchased item Author. How to Contact Author and tell them to unregister the license from the currently using end product (as like website), so that you can use the license (purchase code) for your required end product. you have to provide purchase code to item author to prove that you are the original purchaser of the item.


Eu já fiz isso, venho fazendo a 4 dias, recebo a resposta que eles não podem fazer nada.
Veja a resposta do suporte:
Sorry mate there is nothing we can do about it, perhaps you will have to talk to them. the purchase code can be used on one domain at a time.

I have to ask the thief to return it to me, it seems like a joke

it is 100% true. that’s why need to deregister the license (purchase code) from the old (currently using domain) then you will be able to use. ask the theme author for support to deregister the license (purchase code) from the old (currently using domain).

Is this what author replied to you? If you purchased the theme from this account then there is no reason why he wouldn’t be able to deregister the theme. I mean even if the code was not stolen, you should be able to deregister the code to use it on a new site.
Contact the author via his item comments. If he won’t help then contact the Envato support again and try to be as descriptive as possible. Again, the fact that the code was stolen doesn’t really play a role here. Deregistering a license associated with your account should simply not be an issue.

If everything fails, then ask for a refund.