PSR-1&2 Code Styling Vs Framework Code Styling (Codeigniter)


I had my application soft rejected and one of the reasons given was PSR standards.

I searched this forum and found that the message i received seems to contain the same generic list of items that other authors have also received.

All the other points about errors, documentation etc I can look at [fixing !??!!]

My issue is the PSR comment/requirement.

I am using Codeigniter as my framework.

I have adhered to Codeigniter’s Coding Style guidelines which in many instances are the opposite of PSR-1&2


Codeignter : Class_name()
PSR :ClassName

Codeigniter : function _privateMethod()
PSR : private function privateMethod()

Codeigniter : function get_file_properties()
PSR : function getFileProperties()

Codeigniter : if ($foo == TRUE)
PSR : if ($foo == true)

the list goes on and on… (not to even mention PSR-0 requirements, autoloading etc)

Any suggestions are welcome, perhaps a Reviewer can comment on this also.

Any authors using Codeigniter please comment also



PSR standards are not required (fortunately). We don’t follow them, because we find them counterintuitive, and we consider them “just another way to write and organise code”. Same applies to WordPress coding standards (all these spaced and “Yoda statements” look horrible to me). We use our own internal standards, which allows us to keep code tidy and readable (for our own use, of course).
The email you received is mostly a template, where PSR standards are recommended, but they are definitely not a deal breaker.

The real reason for the rejection is the documentation. Focus on making it as foolproof as possible, usable even by someone who come across WordPress for the first time ten minutes ago, and the product will most likely be accepted.