PSD theme rejected

I just got my theme rejected for the second time. Not sure if it is a soft or a hard reject, because there were comments provided by the review team. The first reject was with the following comment:

Your template has a good start but, as we have high standards, you will need to make some additional improvements in overall aesthetics and aspects such as graphics, layout, colors, etc. Overall template typography needs additional refinements and improvements before it will be ready for ThemeForest. Further, PSD templates category requires templates with higher quality in terms of design and aesthetically. It has to be pixel perfect, details, professional, unique, eye pleasing and balance.

After that I corrected spacing and typography and got reject with the following comment:

Unfortunately your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum quality requirements for the category it was submitted to. Please consider taking some time to familiarize yourself with our current library and quality levels of popular items before resubmitting.
We appreciate your submission and look forward to seeing your future submissions.

Can you help me with some ideas of what am I doing wrong?

Here is a link:

Guys please anyone, anything…