Product To Protect Eyes From Screen Light



Hi friends, as the caption of the thread already tells the whole story , any Suggestions? You’re using anything for it? Thanks for all your replies, I would really appreciate it.


Haha, for a second I thought this was a spam thread! :stuck_out_tongue:


I use which lets you set the contrast of the screen depending on the time of the day


But that’s no LOVE BABAJI for sure. :smile:
By the way, my eyes really hurt and need a good solution to keep them working without sun glasses.


I’m interested to see a good solution as well. Didn’t know they made products like this.


Thanks very much Gareth for your precious time, to be honest I always use the %5 Brightness and Contrast, but yet it’s still too bright for me.


try the flux rainbow at as it will let you test without installing it


+1 especially during the night. My screen on 0% brightness is still very bright :confounded:


If your monitor does not look like this, then you are safe.

Also try not to stare to much in the dark at a white screen, adjust your brightness and keep a safe 30cm distance or use a mood light.


^ Thanks for your reply friends, of course we are using an LCD and still feel the pain.


Try EIZO monitors with ambient light sensor. In addition you can adjust the brightness to very very low levels (down to 0,2% of max brightness).


Thanks very much friends, I really appreciate it, wasn’t aware of this brand.
I was thinking about a shield / film (for monitors) kind of solution or something like that.


I have always been a fan of Gunnar Optics.

I use them both at work and at home.


^ WOW Thanks a lot, Luminary ! Those look very promising - Bookmarked them.


You should check amazon for them, they usually have decent prices.


Will check Amazon for sure ; but recently had a negative experience from Amazon, they sometimes sell "NonOriginal"products, you know. Thanks very much for your precious time, I really appreciate it.


Eye strain should be less of an issue with modern screens, so the first thing I’d suggest would be an eye test.


You have a point, thanks friend.
And maybe, a nonUserFriendly forum structure may be the reason of my eyes getting all the pain :wink: