Dark skin for Envato Market. Save your eyes ;)


Hi everyone,

I made a dark skin for Envato Market with Stylebot because light colors hurt my eyes :slight_smile:

I hope you like it :sunglasses:

<img src=https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/2iHyWyq0.png" />

For the code and the instructions; https://github.com/egemenerd/DarkEnvatoMarketSkin

More screenshots:





Edit: It is also compatible with Dashboard Plus; Dashboard Plus - Envato sales browser extension


2 things: 1. Adjust your monitor’s brightness and 2. Go to eye doctor!
hehe just kidding… nice skin friend! : -)


Thank you :laughing:


Interesting. It looks like some ‘secret’ sites that we open in incognito. Haha. :grinning:


Great news! Thank you


Woaa cooolll!!