Product Configurator

Hello everyone,

Im looking for a woocommerce plugin or a way to add configurable products to a shop. The web is a computer store and they want to add a configurator so the customer can choose the pc parts they want to buy.

Example - choose processor, Ram memory, HDD size, etc.

Thank you


You will need to customize woocommerce to get that. There is no out of box solution for PC. I have see to design tshirts, etc not pc.
You can cutsomize this plugin. It is very close what you want.

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Hi Zaccc,

Thanks for your reply, however it doesnt fit in my idea as this is more for a fixed product with different visual settings, not a product with different components.

I would need more a plugin or woocommerce config that adds up the products and updates the price as a component is selected. Something that sums the price of individual components (existing woocommerce products)


If you have a budget I can make custom plugin for you for your site. You can send me on private specifications what you want and I can send you my offer.
That will cost you more than out of box plugin but you will get plugin by your specifications.