Looking for a front end solution to shopping for custom products based on dimensions...

I have no idea exactly what I’d call this to even know where to start looking for it:

Basically, I’m designing a site for somebody who makes custom furniture covers who wishes to implement a custom order function on the front end that allows for a consumer to apply their custom dimensions for the product in a visual setting (ie they can click on the length of a table and, when prompted, enter the dimensions they require for it). While a simple form or series of dropdowns could work, they specifically requested a visual and interactive feature.

Honestly, I’m not even sure what to look for. Any help? Thanks!!

Why you don’t try with design plugins for woocommerce like this one.

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ahh that’s because i had no clue where to start lol
awesome, i’ll check these out. thanks!!!

If you want I can give you my offer for that part of job?