Looking for plugin to Build Custom PC page for my Wordpress Woo site.

I am looking for a WordPress plugin that can let a customer configure a custom build PC, like choose from a Cascade Style list of options by clicking on add buttons, the best example for this would be this website http://www.themvp.in/Custom-Build-Product but I don’t want it to be the same just the bare bones of the ordering system.

If anyone knows where I can Purchase/Download a WordPress plugin that will do all of the above that would be helping me out a lot.

I would imagine you would need a shopping cart backend like WooCommerce or similar for something like that.

We have lots of WooCommerce themes you can check out as well :smiley:


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I don’t want themes I want a plugin to work similar to the site I mentioned above…
you can have a look of my site http://buildcustompc.cf this is just to see how final site will look and to pitch our investors.
Thank You

Honestly I don’t know what investors you will attract with current site. Half things is not working on site.

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please let me know what are the things you found not working!!
waiting for your feedback
thank you

Did you look your home page? It is full of empty spaces like is someone throw images without any order.
http://buildcustompc.cf/design-a-pc just shortcode
http://buildcustompc.cf/product/wd-blue-desktop-1tb-internal-hard-drive-wd10ezex - framework from item description is going into footer etc